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It is truly inspirational the deep commitment BOSE has to fuel ideas and move from iteration to innovation. Needless to say, we were ecstatic to partner with BOSE on their desire to integrate the STRAVA app, another of our partners, into their incredible Frames project. This project started with a blank sheet of paper and team members that did not know the meaning of “It can’t be done”.

Bose SweatWorks STRAVA wearable software
Bose SweatWorks STRAVA wearable software
It would be an understatement if we did not acknowledge the challenges with this integration. First, almost everything we thought we knew became useless in a world controlled by audio. The UX and UI were the easy parts. Having to think about how to control information solely with head gestures and voice commands was mind-bending. Yet, BOSE knows how to stoke a fire to get a giant flame. From the start, everything needed a testing environment. Tools to test the tools had to be created. Managing input, making decisions on limited information, and iterating for a new outcome was the norm. The goal was to inform a runner using the STRAVA app on their Apple Watch, all the while, eyes up.
The exploration led through the initial connection of apps and devices to receiving audio cues and messages to your Frames device. Now you wouldn’t have to look at a map to know where to turn. The Frames could alert you ahead of time and know if you are running the wrong way by the direction your head is looking. Want to hear your pace? Just ask. Though this was a “proof of concept” project, it taught us not only to be comfortable with blind spots but to embrace them and enjoy the ride.
Bose SweatWorks wearable software